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I. What is Shahen Baj? Why is it not performed anymore? (JJ 12-6-16)

1. Some Zoroastrian rituals are almost forgotten, and the Shahen baj is one such ritual. The

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The Series "Tell me Why" started as a column in Jame-Jamshed Weekly in October 2011. It covers questions answered in a simple lucid manner about various aspects of the Zoroastrian religion, rituals, philosophy, culture, traditions and practices. In the links that follow, you will find the Questions - Answers which have appeared in Jame Jamshed Weekly.
The Zarthoshti-pedia is an attempt to create an encyclopedia type alphabetical collection of information connected to Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history, languages and culture. The following are a few of the contents: Adaran, Afringan, Ahunavar, Ahura Mazda, Alat, Alborz, Ardaviraf Nameh, Artaxerxes (Kings), Asha, Ashem vohu, Aspandad, Atash Behram, Atash Dadgah, Avan, Bahman Ameshaspand, Bahman Yasht, Bareshnum, Behesht, Chaeschist, Chinwad Bridge, Damavand, Darius (Kings), Dasturji Kukadaru, Fareshta, Faridun (King), Farohar, Farvardegan, Farvardiyan, Festivals...
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